The Best Ways to Play The Games of The Massachusetts State Lottery

Instant win Scratch Tickets

Ever been to a corner shop and seen a strange influx of people? Some were in their cars, others just sat in a stupefied state. You have just seen the result of a new Instant Win Scratch ticket from the Massachusetts State Lottery. It’s not surprising that this is all about entertainment and making money. It’s only one thing that can generate such excitement in corner shops and ‘quick-stop gas stations’ across the state. Therefore, it’s no surprise why the state has a monopoly on this industry. ซื้อหวยออนไลน์

But, you may have wondered: “How do they know when an instant win game is available?” They watch the Massachusetts State Lottery Official Web Site for announcements about new releases. This keeps them informed about new chances to win the jackpot.

The sudden furore can be explained by what is well known in the “scratching community”, which is that each instant game release is saturated with winning tickets, in an effort to gain popularity for a particular game.

Now, a week has passed and the crowds have dispersed at the “scratching points” and you have some former presidents burning money in your pocket. You’re now left with no choice but to take a quick shower and buy some instant lottery tickets. The next question is which lottery tickets should you buy? You should refer to the Instant Prizes Claims Page of the Massachusetts State Lottery Official Web Site before you extinguish those historical figures. You might also want to visit the Instant Prizes Under 1,000,000 page.

You are searching for the claimed vs. Total columns on both listing pages. You can quickly scan these columns to see the number of prizes that are claimed and available. It is now clear that you want to only purchase tickets for games with more unclaimed prizes than claimed prizes. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on 46 prizes from 50 prizes game tickets when you can buy a 28 vs.66 or an 18 vs.80 ticket and have 30-60 more chances of winning grand prize amounts. All of those winners won’t be available at the time you purchase your ticket.

The question is how much you should spend on instant win tickets. Professional scratchers will tell you that you need to spend $100 on one game to be eligible for a chance at winning the jackpot. However, many people don’t realize that you can have multiple full sheets of tickets to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Prudence says you can only purchase as many scratch tickets that your budget allows. If $100 is out of your reach today, you might consider putting money aside over the long-term for a new instant win release day’. This would allow you to follow the rules and still be able to afford it.

Cash WinFall

Cash WinFall is a ‘one-wheel’ game that has a unique twist on its jackpot. The money is reduced to lower winners. If the jackpot pool has not reached $2 Million, any $2,000,000.00 is dispersed to all other winners. If the jackpot is more than $2 million and there are no winners, the $2,000,000 goes to all prize winners. It’s pretty neat! It’s now quite clear when to play Cash WinFall

Mega Millions

Mega Millions, a Massachusetts-based version of PowerBall, is a two-wheel game. The odds of picking 6 winning numbers are very high because Mega Millions is a two-wheel game. They are actually quite higher than PowerBall odds. Naturally, one would assume that higher odds would mean there are fewer winners and higher jackpots. This is simply not true. Powerball has had jackpot winners approximately every 6 weeks over the past year (8 winners), with 9 figure jackpots totaling 4. Mega Millions jackpot winners are approximately one every four weeks over the past year (14 winners), with 9-figure jackpots also numbering 4. It is reasonable to assume that these figures reflect the economic demographics and population of the states participating.

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