How To Make The Right Contacts In The Music Industry

To learn more on how you can turn contacts in the music business into relationships, watch this free video about building a career in the music business. You can learn more on how to convert music industry connections into meaningful relationships by watching this free video.

Which music industry professionals should you be reaching out to? What should you say when you manage to get in touch with someone? If you’re not yet a “name” in the industry, how do you attract these influential people to pay you attention?

Here’s a look at the first question: “Whom should you contact in the music business?” You will need to ask yourself a few other questions.

How can music industry contacts help develop your career and influence you?

How many key contacts do music industry contacts have with music professionals and music companies?

What are your top contacts for the music industry and how easy is it to reach them near where you live.

How can I reach out to the music industry?

How can you help the industry to achieve its goals and/or solve the problems of those in it?

There is a type of “contact” person (or) company in the Music Industry that can meet ALL criteria. It is “Yes”. You can start here if your music industry network is not strong. Record label executives. A&R people? Producers? Publishers? Managers? Entertainment Lawyers? Musicians? Concert promoters. You might be surprised.

Musicians who are serious about concert promotion have a lot of power. Music business risk-takers, they are. The music industry is a very large one. This includes well-known artists, bands, record companies, manager, producers, merchandising, venue, booking agents and radio stations youtube converter.

Google is a great way to find concert promoters that live in and around your city. Promoters tend to be more approachable than other music industry figures.

All concert promoters lose a lot of money every year (because some concerts are a loss for various reasons). The promoters all lose a lot of money each year. (Some concerts fail for different reasons). All promoters lose money every year.

The goal of every promoter is to build a strong network so that they can ensure the success of their tours and concerts. It costs a lot to employ an experienced team. It is possible to join their team on a limited basis (at the very least) as long as you agree to intern, work at a low salary or for free to gain experience working with promoters. Even if you have no experience in promoting concerts, many promotion firms will be willing to provide training if the cost is not prohibitive.